Snake Plant 'Sayuri' | Sansevieria sayuri

Snake Plant 'Sayuri' | Sansevieria sayuri

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Snake Plant ‘Sayuri’ are one of the rarer snake plants. They have striking slim, silver-green sword-like leaves that spike abruptly from the soil. Growing pot size: 19 cm Key Information Gorgeous silver leaves stand tall out the soil. A beautiful specimen to place amongst your green plant friends!  Easy-care plant...
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Snake Plant 'Sayuri' | Sansevieria sayuri

Snake Plant ‘Sayuri’ are one of the rarer snake plants. They have striking slim, silver-green sword-like leaves that spike abruptly from the soil.

Growing pot size: 19 cm

Key Information

  • Gorgeous silver leaves stand tall out the soil. A beautiful specimen to place amongst your green plant friends! 
  • Easy-care plant that’s almost bulletproof.
  • Slow growing. They are known to grow to an ultimate height of 1.2 m tall.
  • Toxic - not pet friendly.

Air purifying: Looking for the perfect roommate? Look no further. Like their fellow family members, Snake Plant ‘Sayuri’ is an excellent air purifier. They absorb harmful airborne toxins and pump out oxygen at night, which also gives you a better night's sleep. This plant just doesn’t stop giving!

Where is it from?

Sansiveria’s are native to the tropical parts of West Africa.

How to Care for Snake Plant ‘Sayuri’

  • Light: Place in a bright spot with indirect light to low artificial light. They have the strongest colour in indirect light.
  • Water: Water once a month or when the soil is completely dry. Wrinkled leaves are a good indicator that the plant needs watering.
  • Soil: Use a well-draining, high organic matter soil mix.
  • Propagation: You can propagate Snake Plants using multiple ways. Includes removal of pups, division of rhizomes and leaf cuttings. Read our frequently asked questions to find out why!
  • Repotting: Snake plants like it snug! Being tightly pressed together helps them grow taller, but from time to time you will need to repot. This can be done every 12-18 months. Choose a pot 5 cm wider in diameter than the previous pot.

Is the Snake Plant ‘Sayuri’ for me?

A rare, unique alternative to the traditional snake plant varieties. Their sword-like leaves are painted with mottled silvery-white, gray, and gorgeous light green markings. Their ability to thrive in poor light conditions makes them popular in offices and darker rooms. When looking after a Snake Plant, less is often better. Their adaptation to desert life means they’re extremely drought tolerant and hardy plants! So if you tend to miss a watering here and there, they will quickly forgive you! 

Snake Plant ‘Sayuri’ - Common Problems

My plant is going soft and brown: This is a typical sign of overwatering. Reduce your watering schedule immediately and allow the soil to dry completely before watering. Try sticking to a regular, monthly water schedule and water when the leaves become wrinkled.

Brown tips: This can happen with inconsistent watering. Follow our monthly water schedule, and you should be just fine! 

Common Pest: Snake plants are typically disease and pest-free. Sometimes you can find spider mites, mealybugs, thrips and fungus gnats. Simply wipe down the leaves with rubbing alcohol.

Frequently asked questions

How do I propagate my Snake Plant ‘Sayuri’?

Snake plants are great because they’re so easy to propagate. To propagate by leaf, cut the leaf at the base and put in a jar of water. It’s good to put a v shape notch to give room for the roots to grow. When the roots are a few inches long, you can transplant them into soil. Another way is to take a leaf cutting and place 5 cm into the soil. Leave the leaf to dry out after cutting for 2-3 days and put into well-drained soil. Make sure you don’t overwater or the leaf can rot. The final method is through rhizome division. Take the plant out of the pot and separate each section by rhizome. Put the separate plants into new pots. Now you can enjoy lots of new snake plants!

Top tip: switch to a ceramic or concrete pot to be sure they don’t accidentally warp your pot.

*Decorative pots come separately

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