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Living Room Plants

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Experience The Power Of Plants

We at Bloombox Club believe that having plants in the home makes for a healthier living environment. Why else do we feel a sense of ease and calm when in the presence of our green friends? That's why we're so passionate about plants, and we love that you share our passion.

Dr Katie Cooper, founder of Bloombox Club

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Philodendron Birkin | Philodendron Birkin

Philodendron ‘Birkin’ is a sight to behold. Striking cream pinstripes embellish its dark green leaves, becoming more pronounced in each leaf as it matures....

Rubber Tree “Tineke” | Ficus Elastica

Add a splash of natural colour to your living room with the luscious green and white multicoloured leaves of the Rubber Tree ‘Tineke’. Growing...
from $9.00

Dragon Tree 'Marginata' | Dracaena Marginata

Native to Madagascar, the Dragon Tree ‘Marginata’ is one of the most durable house plants. Its slender leaves and decorative trunk make a lasting...

ZZ Plant | Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

A true plant spectacle, the ZZ plant boasts dark green waxy leaves, zig-zagging up tall slender stems that majestically arch outwards. Growing pot size:...
from $24.00

Fishbone Cactus | Epiphyllum Anguliger

The Fishbone Cactus is a fast-growing jungle cactus. Seaweed-like structure makes them look like they’re straight out the ocean! Growing pot size: 10 cm...

Boston Fern | Nephrolepis exaltata

Native to Africa, Polynesia, the West Indies, and the Americas, the Boston Fern is a popular choice with its feathery fronds and elegant appearance!...

Monstera | Monstera deliciosa

The Monstera Deliciosa or “Swiss Cheese Plant” is a tropical evergreen plant native to Central America, fast-growing both in height and popularity.  Growing pot...
from $18.00

XL Airplant | Tillandsia Xerographica

The Air Plant (Tillandsia xerographica) is epiphytic and prefers to grow on the surface of other plants and rocky surfaces, rather than in soil....

Yellow Gem Ficus | Ficus altissima 'Yellow Gem'

A structural show-stopper of a plant. Bountiful paddle-shaped variegated leaves with vibrant pale green veins, contrasted against the emerald green and yellow of the...

Cactus “Prickly Pear”| Opuntia Ellisiana

Bring some desert energy into your home with the gorgeous Opuntia ellisiana, a spineless variety of cactus cultivated in Mexico and the south of...

Snake Plant "Whale Fin" | Sansevieria Masoniana

Ever wondered what a whale would look like if it was a plant? Well, you have now! The Snake Plant ‘Whale Fin’ single-leaf breaches...

Mini Monstera | Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

Fast-growing and exotic, the Mini Monstera will give your urban jungle an extra kick. Easy to care for and strikingly beautiful, this is the perfect...
from $17.00

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