Senecio mikanioides | Senecio mikanioides
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Senecio mikanioides | Senecio mikanioides

I am a cousin of the String of Pearls with leaves in various shades of green and a purple underside.

Useful to know:


I come from the rainforests of South America


I'm fast growing, and my tendrils could grow as long as 1m.


I'm not fussy - anything from indirect bright light to shade will do.


Let my soil dry fully before watering. Less is more!


Keep me above 13°C and keep me away from draughts and open windows. I will droop and loose pearls if it gets chilly.


Feed me once per month during growing season.


Prune my vines if I get too leggy or you want a bushier shape. Just snip at a node. Click here to buy Senecio mikanioides.


To encourage growth, repot me every year or two into a slightly larger pot.


There isn't any specific information about me, but my cousins are all poisonous if ingested, so to be on the safe side, please don't eat me


There is some confusion about my name - if you search for me you will often find German Ivy, an outdoor ivy variety. It's all a bit of a mystery!

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