Ponytail Palm | Beaucarnea/Nolina Recurvata
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Ponytail Palm | Beaucarnea/Nolina Recurvata

This kooky and unique-looking plant is easy to care for and even thrives on a bit of neglect. It comes from eastern Mexico - it's bulbous trunk which holds water is testament to how it has adapted to survive dry desert-like conditions. It can withstand drought and loves bright light, just make sure you don't overwater it. 


I come from eastern Mexico.


I am a very slow grower although I have reached 30ft in the wild!


I love lots of light, especially sunshine but I can withstand lower light too.


I'm drought-resistant but like water every 2-3 weeks. Please don't overwater me as I can get root rot. You can add some fertiliser to my soil in Spring or Summer but don't fuss with me.


Keep me away from cold draughts.


Trim old browning leaves from the top forcing the leaves to grown downwards like a ponytail.


Trim old browning leaves from the top forcing the leaves to grown downwards like a ponytail.


Snip off any ends that go dark.


Good news: I'm considered non-toxic.


I can bloom! Usually not until I'm at least 10 years old, but after that, look out for cluster of white flowers during the summer. Click here to buy Ponytail Palm.

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