Polka Dot Begonia | Begonia Maculata
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Polka Dot Begonia | Begonia Maculata

I have pretty intelligently designed foliage, with white polka dots on my upper leaves and scarlet red beneath.

Useful to know:


I originate from Brazil.


I grow fairly fast and can grow to around 1m in height.


I like a lot of light, so place me in a bright room. But if my leaves discolour, it could be because I'm getting too much direct sun.


When my top soil is dry give me a very good soak. I love high humidity so a pebble tray works well.


I really hate the cold, so please make sure I'm neve in a room below 15°C.


Feed me all through late spring to mid autumn every two weeks. Every 5-6 weeks over the winter with a slightly dilated feed.


If I'm getting too gangly, cut my offshoots down and I should bush out nicely.


If I'm ready to be repotted, do so in a mixture of sand, clay, and loam.


Like all begonias, I am toxic when ingested.


During the flowering season (spring to autumn) I produce white flowers in a cluster on a single flower stem. Click here to buy Polka Dot Begonia.

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