Pitcher Plant | Sarracenia
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Pitcher Plant | Sarracenia

I have tall, narrow pitchers which attract insects with my bright colours and inviting scents, only to snap them up later!

Useful to know:


I can be found on the southeastern coastal plains of North America, and grow in sunny, open wetlands.


In my natural habitat I can grow up to 1.8m tall, but I'll probably taper off at around 20cm in your home.


Unusually, I like full direct sunlight, so find a sunny spot in your house and place me near a (closed) window there.


I require rainwater or distilled/deionised water, and at regular intervals. In the growing season, water me from the bottom rather than the top (eg. pop me on a wet saucer). Water me from the top of my soil during the winter and keep me damp rather than wet.


I am fairly temperature tolerant but keep me away from strong draughts.


If grown inside you can hand feed me with dried insects every few weeks.


During winter my pitchers will turn brown and start to die back. This is normal, and you can safely trim off any dead growth.


I prefer peat moss mixed with either lime-free horticultural sand or perlite, to a ratio of about 2:1.


Good news:Good news: I'm considered non-toxic so should be okay around pets, as long as they don't eat me whole!


Unfortunately, many species of Sarracenia are threatened or endangered in the wild due to the fact that my native habitats are being altered or inhabited by mankind. A similar plant to Pitcher is Mr Mosquito.

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