Panda Plant | Kalanchoe tomentosa
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Panda Plant | Kalanchoe tomentosa

These gorgeous succulents have velvety, fleshy leaves that are super soft to touch and can produce small red, pink, yellow or orange flowers. Kalanchoe tomentosas (Panda Plants) can be enjoyed as indoor plants all year round but as they are native to tropical and subtropical climates, popping them outside in warmer weather will help them thrive!

Useful to know:


I am native to Madagascar


I can grow to a maximum height of 60cm


I love bright light and sunshine but don't leave me in a sunny spot behind glass for too long!


I am a succulent so only water me once the soil has become dry, then soak the soil, but don't leave me sitting in water. During the winter you'll need to water me even less


Room temperatures of 16-24°C are perfect./p>


Feed me once a month during the spring and summer with half strength fertiliser.


I'm super easy - no fuss required!


Overwatering is my most likely cause of illness. I can withstand being dry but not wet!


I am toxic so please don't eat me.


My velvety leaves serve a purpose beyond beauty - they deflect light and limit transpiration so I need less water! Click here to buy Panda Plant.

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