Linear Hoya | Hoya Linearis
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Linear Hoya | Hoya Linearis

I have long, flowing locks that promise to trail down bookcases and hang from ceilings. I may also produce little white flowers, seasonally.

Useful to know:


I can be found in South Asia and Australasia.


I grow fairly quickly, but as I'm a hanging plant I will grow outwards and downwards rather than up!


I like bright light, but not too much direct sunlight as it can cause my leaves to wither.


When it's warm I like to be kept slightly moist, but don't let me sit in water.


Keep me warm and away from draughts please!


Feed me twice a month at half-strength during the warmer months.


I like being snug in my plant pot, so don't be tempted to repot me early to stimulate growth.


Don't remove my stalk when I've finished flowering, unless you're sure it's dead. Otherwise I'll produce a new stalk which wastes my energy.


Good news: I am pet-safe!


Some people call me a 'Wax Plant.' My flowers (if they come) have the texture of wax and the appearance of tiny candles. 

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