Hawaiian Palm | Brighmia Insignis
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Hawaiian Palm | Brighmia Insignis

I'm thought to be an unusual beauty. With my soft green leaves and a patterned trunk, I'll add a bit of quirkiness and structure to your home.

Useful to know:




I can reach about one meter tall in adoptive homes, so check my roots as we come into Spring and see if I need to be popped into a bigger pot to help me grow.


Put me somewhere where I can see the sky, but won't get scorched by the sun.


Water me once a week, unless my soil is still moist. I am drought-tolerant and do not like sitting in water, so feel free to leave me for longer if you don't think I'm ready.


Being native to Hawaii, I like to be warm during the day, but I'm also susceptible to spider mites, so I should be kept below 12 degrees at night, if possible.


Give me some good organic fertiliser once a month during the growing season.


I go into stress-mode quite easily, and will drop older leaves naturally when this happens, but you may want to help me along but cutting away dead material.


If I have attracted small black pests on my leaves, give them a gentle wipe with a damp cloth.


Best to keep me away from pets and young children. Similar products to Hawaiian Palm are Areca Palm and Emerald Palm.


Repot into a bigger pot when root bound every 2-3 years.

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