Ficus Ginseng | Ficus Microcarpa
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Ficus Ginseng | Ficus Microcarpa

I have a bulbous trunk, like a miniaturised tree. My leaves are small, glossy and oval-shaped.

Useful to know:


I come from South Asia: India and Malaysia, specifically.


In the wild I can grow into a fully grown tree. In your house, you can keep me small or let me grow tall.


I prefer bright, indirect light but I can tolerate shade. Too much light and my leaves will burn.


Water me when my soil starts to dry. I like moisture but be careful not to give me too much.


I like warmth so don't let me get below 16 degrees for long, and please keep me away from draughts.


Give me a little fertiliser a couple of times over the growing season.


Trim me to maintain my quirky shape but be careful of my sap as it might irritate your skin.


The trick with me is giving me just the right amount of water.


Keep me away from children and pets.


I'm also called an Indian Laurel, because of my country of origin. Click here to buy Ficus Ginseng Bonsai.

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