Elephant Ear 'Spear Queen' | Alocasia cucullata Information
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Elephant Ear 'Spear Queen' | Alocasia cucullata 'Spear Queen'

I have an upright, fleshy, rhizomatous stem that bears stout, cylindrical leaf stalks topped with lush, green, heart-shaped leaves with prominent veins.

Useful to know:


I am native to South-East Asia and China.


In the wild, Alocasias can grow as tall as 7m and almost as wild, forming ear-topped clusters. Yours is unlikely to get this big but they are relatively fast growers as long as their slightly fussy nature is appeased.


I prefer a partially shady or bright environment but keep me out of direct sun - it could burn my leaves.


I like my soil to be lightly moist, but when I'm small I'm vulnerable to root rot so do not overdo it.


I like it warm and humid so keep me in a warm room with no draughts.


During the summer months I like regular fertilising with a plant food high in nitrogen.


Older leaves die off as new ones emerge and should be removed as soon as they become tatty and unsightly. Long, lanky stems can be cut back to induce new, compact growth.


The most important thing is keeping my humitidy levels high. If I'm in a dry room, keep me warm and misted. Click here to know more about differnt size Elephant Ear 'Spear Queen plants'.


Keep me away from pets and children as I am toxic.


In some countries my corm is eaten to help treat rheumatism, gout, and general body aches. However, don't try this at home as Improperly cooked corm retains its poison!

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