Desert Rose | Adenium obesum
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Desert Rose | Adenium obesum

My common name is misleading - I am in no way related to a rose, but am actually a succulent. You may also hear me referred to as Mock Azalea and Sabi Star.

Useful to know:


I am native to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.


I am a slow grower but have a long life, hence my popularity as a Bonsai tree.


I love sunlight, so find me a bright room and maybe a windowsill spot.


I'm a tropical plant, so during spring and summer, keep me lightly moist. During cooler months, wait for my soil to dry out completely between waterings.


I'm more than happy living in normal room temperatures of between 16-24 degrees C.


Fertilise me once a month in spring and summer.


My leaves tend to drop during winter if temperatures get too cold but I may keep them all year round if kept in a room warmer than 16 degrees C.


If you repot me, please use well draining soil (ask for cactus soil). I am susceptible to root rot during winter so please don't overwater me


All parts of me are poisonous if ingested so keep me away from nibbly pets and kids.


My sap was traditionally used as arrow poison for hunting big game in the Sahara!

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