Plants...Where Do You Hang Yours? Interesting Ways To Hang Plants In Y
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Plants...Where Do You Hang Yours? Interesting Ways To Hang Plants In Your Home.

We know we've bored you senseless with harping on about how utterly brilliant plants are for your health and wellbeing and how they make your house look super stylish without breaking the bank, but we have EVEN MORE ways you can fit plants in. Even more! More plants!

It's all over the place, this latest trend, you can't have missed it. That's right - you can hang your plants! And with some careful consideration, you can put them pretty much anywhere! Not that we are obsessed with having plants everywhere...

Shower Rail

Yes really - but maybe not the end with the shower head, not even the most water loving plant needs a daily drenching. But plenty of plants would like to hang off the other end - English Ivy will love the humidity and doesn't need a lot of light. Not only will it look gorgeous, it will even help you clean your bathroom! Yes! Really - it's one of NASA's top air-purifying, and it will help clean the air of mould spores and err...other molecules you might find in the bathroom. Ahem. Nice one, Ivy!

Ways To Hang Plants


Coat Racks & Beams

Ok, so you probably don't have beams. But hanging plants look lovely on coat racks (much better than coats) But, should you be living the cottage dream and DO have beams, how gorgeous do these bundles of hanging herbs look? We bet they smell gorgeous too, and who doesn't love that witchy vibe?

Ways To Hang Plants

On the walls

Who needs pictures, when you can have plants? There are some beautiful geometric mini-shelf things doing the rounds at the moment, and any number of plants look beautiful perching or hanging from them. Look at these dinky spider plants! Love. 

In glass globes in the window

You might need a professional to hang one of these (well, I would anyway) but it would be worth it. Imagine the light spilling in as you opened the blinds, bouncing around the room. You wouldn't want to look at anything else. 

Ways To Hang Plants

Happy sigh...


We currently have some beautiful hanging plants in stock, including a personal favourite, these trailing hearts...these would squeeze on and brighten any nook you found for them...

Ways To Hang Plants


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