How to water small plants
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How to water small plants

Small is beautiful!

Who doesn’t love those mini plants! Great to group with some bigger plants or to make the perfect plant shelf. But sometimes they are too damn hard to keep happy. Small plants are more sensitive to changes, like droughts and bright sun, than their bigger brothers and sisters. They are the toddlers in the family and just need a little extra attention sometimes. I want to share some easy tips to keep those tiny babes more healthy and happy.

Small plants are in small pots with very little soil. They often dry out faster than you expect. And when you water them, the water flows over the edge without really saturating the soil. Which results in soil that is too dry to keep your plant happy.

Step one in the keeping your minis happy is making sure they don’t need a bigger pot. Just tip them out the small plastic pot to check if there is enough space for the roots to grow. If not, give it a slightly bigger pot with some new soil.

Step two is making sure they get enough water. To do this, take your mini plants from their ornamental pots and put them on a saucer with water for about fifteen minutes. This way the soil can really saturate and suck up enough water. Let them drain before you put the plants back, to make sure there is no excess water in the pots.

You can apply this watering trick to all of your plants, but especially smalls plants, ferns and your String of Pearls will really love it!

This post was written by the awesome Mama Botanica. Find out more about her and her plant collection here and follow on Instagram for amazing plant tips, inspiration and beautiful images 🌿❤️

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