The act of giving plants
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The act of giving plants

The giving of flowers and plants has long been associated with expressions of a thought or feeling. Floriography, the language of flowers, or the use of flowers to communicate, can be sited back to the times of ancient Greeks and Romans, with floral references in stories and myths, and there is evidence that the act of giving flowers has played a part in culture since the middle ages. The Victorians, not known for expressing emotions, felt that the use of floral tributes as a means to communicate feelings was acceptable and now we often use sending a bouquet in place of attempting to put into words what might feel overwhelming.

Words can be fleeting and if a floral bouquet has the added value of being present in a home long after the initial communication of love, sorrow or gratitude then a plant not only offers even more longevity but also the opportunity to the receiver to nurture the message that they matter or are loved or celebrated.

It is a myth that human beings are innately selfish. Studies show that even when the part of your brain that controls generosity is interrupted humans tend to act generously on impulse. It is perhaps related to survival, an understanding that safety can be bought with kindness, or that good intentions and therefore lack of potential threat can be communicated by the act of giving. Psychologists argue that the act of giving a gift without expectation of something in return is good for your mental health. All this information is adding up to excellent reasons to send someone important something special today, evening if it is to say something as small as “I thought of you”


Having trained at London’s Tavistock and Portman and qualified at The Gestalt Centre, Annabelle Hird combines her work with Post Natal Depression Charity, Cocoon Family support, youth counselling charity, Off The Record, and her own private practice, Be Hird Therapy that operates from Movers and Shapers in St Margarets.

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