Subscriber of the Month - Strelizia Reginae
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Subscriber of the Month - Strelizia Reginae

If your Classic sub dated mid-August - mid-September you would have received a Strelizia reginae, an elegant foliage plant from South Africa.

Strelizia reginae have a rich, well-documented history, having been introduced to Europe as a gift for George III's Royal Botanical Garden in 1773. The plant was named in honour of the Queen of England: Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Both George and Charlotte were keen botanists and played key roles in the expansion of Kew Gardens, so you're in good company with this plant!

Whenever we see our plants online, it makes us smile, but we were especially impressed (and a bit envious of) Rachel's shots of her Strelizia on her mantelpiece and bedside table. 

We got in touch with Rachel (@_House_of_5_) and asked her a few questions about plants and subscriptions.

What's the best thing about being a Bloombox Club subscriber?

Rachel: I love Bloombox Club because they take away the hardest part of buying plants, which for me is finding the perfectly sized pot to fit, by doing it for me! Life made. Also I like the surprise every 3 months.

If you had to choose, what would your favourite plant be and why? 

Rachel: I simply can’t answer that question, I don’t have enough plants to compare yet! Although I do love my Ceropegia Woodiibecause it was a gift and it just keeps on giving.

If you were a plant, which plant would you be?
Rachel: I would be an Olive Tree, giving everyone warm holiday vibes even when it’s raining outside.


We'd like to thank Rachel for her shots, her time and for being our subscriber of the month. Congratulations Rachel, there's an extra surprise plant on its way over to you!
Keep sharing the Bloombox Club love, guys!

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