Repotting 101 with Mama Botanica
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Repotting 101 with Mama Botanica

Is your plant ready to go up a pot size? Before you uproot any of your precious charges, watch Mama Boanica's 80 second guide to repotting.


Plants that have been in the same pot for years and years might really benefit from getting a bigger pot and some new potting soil.

Basic Potting soil is good for most of your house plants, but cacti and succulents really benefit from special soil: it usually has a bit more sand in it that makes it dry out faster than normal soil. Also, your orchids would really love special orchid soil, because it contains way more bark and has more air flowing through.

After a few weeks your plants will have used all the nutrients from the soil. To replenish them you can use plant food. It’s important to follow the instructions on the package and not over feed the plants. Plant food prevents yellowing leaves and keeps you plant healthy and happy!

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