Plant Gift Guide
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Plant Gift Guide

From housewarming presents to Mother’s Day to Christmas, houseplants are a pretty failsafe gift. Like flowers, plants are always a welcome surprise, but with the added benefit of enduring and growing with the recipient.

Plants have also been linked to a range of health benefits, including reduced stress levels, faster recovery times and better mental wellbeing. In our Breathe collection, you’ll find varieties celebrated for their air-purifying properties, and in our Immune Boosting collection, you’ll find varieties linked to improved respiratory health - something we are all more conscious of in the wake of Covid-19.

Many of us have found solace in nature during the pandemic. For loved ones that are sheltering, in quarantine or otherwise isolated, receiving a physical living plant can be a great comforter. If you’re not sure where to start with plants, have a look at our suggestions below, or look at our full range here.

What to buy for the plant lover

What do you buy for your truly green-fingered friend?

The kind of person who always has soil under their cuticles and seems to have covered every patch of floor and every countertop with pot plants may feel like the hardest person to buy a plant gift for.

Of course, if they love plants, they’ll probably be happy with whatever you get them, but if you’re looking for a rare plant variety, you should try our Rare Finds collection. The nature of the collection means stock changes very frequently as our growers generally only have a few of each variety and demand is high.

When they’re available, we suggest a proud long-leaved Anthurium Jungle King, which have other-worldly roots that protrude out of the top of the soil. Anthuriums are a lesser-known but diverse and delightful genus of plants - see also the Anthurium clarinervium.

You may also want to avoid living gifts altogether and take a look at our plant accessories or our brand new Plant Care / Self-Care range. You can’t be sure your plant-loving friend doesn’t have a Monstera or a Sweetheart plant, but you can confidently buy them a new watering can or vial of plant food.

Plant gift ideas for women

Thankfully plants don’t care what gender you are and no variety would make an unsuitable choice regardless of whether you’re buying for your mum, aunt or sister.

If your recipient is particularly houseproud, picking a fixture that you know will spark joy can be a nerve wracking experience. But the good news is that unlike furniture or clothing, colours and patterns found in nature are much less likely to appear clashing than those that are man made.

With this in mind, Bloombox Club is pleased to reintroduce the Begonia maculata, a rare foliage plant with two-toned leaves and distinctive white polka dots. If your loved one follows fashion, she'll be thrilled with this plant, which is rumoured to have inspired Christian Louboutin to create his iconic red-soled shoes. 

Plant gifts for men

Once again, plants don't see gender, and you shouldn't get too caught up in which houseplants are appropriate from men and women. 

That said, we do know which plants men tend to gravitate towards the most! Based on experience, men tend to buy big plants (don't ask us why). So we recommend scoping out our Large Plants collection for the latest big plants on offer. 

We also see a large percentage of men purchasing Pineapple Plants and Spiral Cacti. A 'twist' on the popular cactus variety of Cereus forbessi, the Sprial Cactus is a rare column cactus. In essence, men tend to gravitate more towards novelty plants!

Plant gifts delivered

If you want to send a live plant and pot directly to the recipient, we can help! Simply enter the address of the recipient in the shipping file on the checkout page, and add a gift note so they know who to thank.

We deliver to homes and offices across the UK by courier, so you can be sure that your plant and pot will reach your loved one safely and securely.

See what we've recently added here or consider purchasing a gift subscription card (which are personalised and sent digitally on weekday mornings).   

Instant plant vouchers

If you’ve left it too late, or want to be fully in control of when and how your friend receives their plant gift, consider sending one of our instant plant vouchers. 

We send you these immediately via email, and then you can choose to forward the email onto the lucky recipient, or print it out and pop it in a card to give in person. 

Best Plant Gifts for Teachers

Teachers have been going above and beyond this year to ensure children can continue their studies with as little interruption as possible. Most schools in the UK continued to operate throughout the height of lockdown, so the children of key workers and those who desperately needed the physical space of school could attend. 

If you have a teacher to thank, consider doing it with a small, patterned Calathea, like the Never Never or banding together with other parents and guardians to buy a large plant for the classroom. 

Alternative Wedding Gift Ideas

Like flowers, plants also have a range of symbolic meanings. In China, it’s customary to give bonsai trees including the Aralia fabian, and Bamboo as wedding presents because these plants bring prosperous energy.
In Feng shui, healthy plants in general carry good energy, whilst dying plants are decidedly unlucky (none of which should come as a surprise!).

Consider buying a large Money Plant for the happy couple, a plant which is said to bring wealth and prosperity to the owners - especially when it is divided and given away. 

Find more gift ideas here.

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