Subscriber of the Month Announced! Look at this Aus Chestnut Love
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Subscriber of the Month Announced! Look at this Aus Chestnut Love

The Australian Chestnut has been one of our favourite subscription plants, and we've loved seeing them settle into their new homes. It was a difficult decision because we've seen a lot of plant joy on Instagram, but we were so impressed with @swiftkaren's un-boxing that we knew we had a clear winner. 

We got in touch with Karen and asked her a few questions about plants and subscriptions. 

The best thing about being a Bloombox Club subscriber: 
"Oh I have instantly fallen in love with Bloombox Club. The plant I received was beautifully random and an utter showstopper. I got so many gorgeous messages and comments from other Bloombox Clubbers (as we will be now known) and a few new cool followers which is a gorgeous bonus. I'm completely sold on my subscription and cant wait to see what arrives next!"

Karen's favourite plant:
"It's really hard to pick my favourite plant to be honest as I adore them all! Every time I think one of my leafy lovelies has stolen my heart, I give the rest some attention and realise I love them all on mass. Tragic answer right?!" 

If you were a plant, which plant would you be? 
"If i was a plant I think I'd be a Boston Fern, personally. Real easy going, settles anywhere, pretty much happy with minimal fuss and attention, but rewards kindness and good times. Unlike the Maidenhair Fern..."
We'd like to thank Karen for her un-boxing shots, and for being our subscriber of the month. Congratulations Karen, there's a feature plant on its way over to you!
Honourable mentions must also go to @andyh456 and @chris.chown.3, whose photos are in the second and third panel below. 

Keep sharing the Bloombox Club love, guys!

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