How to Arrange Plants in Your Living Room
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How to Arrange Plants in Your Living Room

Our plantsperts reveal their top tips to help you maximise your living room with unique indoor plants! We teach you how to arrange plants in your living room using colour, size, depth and accent pieces, to help you create an environment you can thrive in. If you're looking to buy living room plants, check out our new collection here.


Living rooms are multifunctional spaces that should evoke a healthy and balanced living environment, simultaneously promoting a relaxed yet wakeful state. They should be somewhere you can feel calm enough to curl up on the sofa yet lively enough to face the day ahead. At Bloombox Club we know there is more to arranging your plants than first meets the eye and so we wanted to share some helpful tips to guide you through decorating your home's most versatile room!

When deciding on how to arrange plants in your space, you should consider both the environmental needs of the plants, and how you’d like to display your living area - both are important! We recommend that you first consider what type of atmosphere you want to create in your environment, and then choose plants with properties that will foster this quality. 

Look no further for living room decoration ideas. Here are 4 key points to think about when arranging your living room plants: 

1. Use coloured and patterned plants to compliment your room

Choosing plants with specific colours to compliment the room's existing interior design, can really bring everything together. They don’t all have to be green! Calatheas are a great example for being incredibly vibrant plants, boasting both colour and pattern. They are also amazing air purifiers so you will not only benefit from their visual beauty but also their incredible ability to boost your mood. We recommend the Calathea plant Extra Large Calathea Medallion for that extra wow factor. 

2. Have a variety of different plant types to work with

Do you want a living room designed to look like a green oasis? If yes, we would suggest having a variety of different plant types. Create some drama by grouping together plants with different types of foliage, forms, colours, patterns and interesting textures. This will allow your space to look incredibly vibrant and luscious. And what’s more, having biodiversity in your environment is linked to improved mental wellbeing. Just make sure all your plants are getting the correct care they need to thrive.

3. Play with height and depth

Try using various different sized plants and place them on tables, stands, windowsills or shelves in your living room to create height and a balance throughout. Make sure you choose plants that work well in all your chosen environments - some like more light than others. 

Top Tip: If you are just starting out on your plant journey, adding mirrors to your living room will fabricate the illusion of more plants and even helps reflect light to those darker corners of the room.

4. Create that wow-factor with accent plants

The living room is one of the best opportunities to experiment with larger, wider and taller indoor plants. Not only do bigger plants add more of a wow-factor and really help shape your room, they're also really low maintenance.

Pick a plant that is long lasting so that it will grow with you and start to become part of the family (Such as the Rubber Plant Robusta or a climber like the Golden Pothos) and be sure you place it in a prime spot to make it really stand out.

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