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Give Your Christmas Table a Natural Makeover

Raise your hand if you've spend a lot of time indoors this year? 

(That should be most of you.) 

After a year with little more to do than sit on the sofa and indulge in TV and culinary delights, we don't need to tell you that staying in your home can get a little stifling. 

Adding plants to your Christmas table can add some freshness and vitality to cut through the festive lethargy! What's more, this year we've paired some of our favourite table plants with perfectly-fitting pots and baskets, so you can pop your plants straight on display. 

Scroll down to discover our top picks for table decorations this Christmas:

Peperomia Cap Schumi

The Peperomia Cap Schumi is pretty unbeatable as a Christmas table plant. At just 10cm in diameter, they'll leave you enough room for pigs in blankets and cranberry sauce. 

Cap schumi with plant pot

Felt Plant

If conversation between your distant relations turns tense, you can turn your attention to one of these little guys and give his soft fronds a stroke for some moral support.

Felt Plant

Maori 'Silver Leaf'

Closer to a miniature tree than a plant, our selection of delicate Maoris will take up more space than the plants listed above. But with their tiny snow-tipped branches, they make perfect decorations for the winter festivities. If this one turns out to be too big for your dining room table, they look great from below too, so pop one on a shelf or mantlepiece while you eat.

silver leaf maori

Anthurium Clarinervium

Deck your festive table with a rich green velvet Anthurium, and transport your humble kitchen table to the Snow Queen's Narnian palace. These plants are on the rare side, and well worth the investment. Each one has beautiful leaf tracery and a unique, velvet texture.  

anthurium clarinervium

View our full range of Christmassy plants via the link below. 

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