Breath: Plants for Air-Purification and Physical Health
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Breath: Plants for Air-Purification and Physical Health

We want the Bloombox Club community to benefit from our plants without needing to troll through mounds of research. Breathe, Restore and Boost is our way of filtering plants via the benefits they offer. 

Breathe plants work on your physical health. They're pro-air purifiers and humidifiers, which is good news for your skin, lungs and immune system. 

Air Purification

For those of you who don’t remember your KS2 science, plants have tiny pores which allow them to take in and expel gasses, like breathing (this is why it’s so important to dust your plant’s leaves and to prevent build up). As your green friend absorbs the carbon dioxide he needs to survive, he also mops up invisible airborne nasties. 

Clinical trials indicate that certain plants are particularly good at removing particular chemicals. For example, Mother-in-Law’s Tongues reduce levels of a multiplitude of chemicals, including benzene, formaldehyde and trichlorethylene, whereas Aloe plants and Agalonemas only remove the first two of these chemicals (but they do so very well). 

Air purification is especially important in environments like offices, where fresh air doesn’t come in often, as well as in heavily polluted areas. But even common household products such as aerosol deodorant, detergent and other cleaning products can leave harmful chemicals behind, so it’s always worth investing in these natural air cleaners.


Also under our Breathe section are plants which increase humidity levels. Tropical plants (some more so than others) help to boost the humidity in the air, which can help boost immunity, relieve skin conditions, and lung conditions such as COPD. 

Respiratory health can be greatly improved by humidity, and it's especially important if you live or work in an air-conditioned space. Such environments have a drying drying effect on our skin and airwaves, which can cause psoriasis flare ups and respiratory irritation. These humidifiers will not only allow you to breathe more easily and reduce the ill-effects of artificially-controlled spaces.

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