Valentine's Day Gifting in Lockdown
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Valentine's Day Gifting in Lockdown

Whether you’re single, in a long distance relationship or spending 24/7 with your partner, it’s been a tough year for romance! Understandably, most people don’t feel like celebrating V-Day this year, a holiday that already has a bit of a mixed rep. But in this year of miserable isolation, what could be more important than showing the people in your life that you’re thinking of them?

Counterintuitively, the longer lockdown rolls on, the less likely they are to reach out to friends and family. The lonelier people become and the more isolated the feel, the harder it is to engage in social rituals, which is obviously made even harder at this stage of the pandemic. 

That’s why we’re encouraging our followers to spread love to all those who need it this Valentine’s Day - not just to their significant other!

Check out our full Valentine’s Collection here or scroll down for our recommended plants for all the plant people in your life. 

Best Valentine’s Plant for Your Girlfriend 

Philodendron Micans

Our top pick for her this Valentine's Day is the Philodendron Micans, a beautiful trailing plant with soft sultry leaves and an unusual, velvet texture. All of our Philodendrons are beautiful foliage plants, but for Valentine’s Day we particularly recommend the Philodendron Micans, with soft sultry leaves that beg to be stroked!   

Best Valentine’s Plant for Your Boyfriend 

Philodendron Micans

Whether your boyf is new to plants or is already an avid plant collector, the Urban Jungle Bundle will kick his interior decor up a notch. This plants, pots and accessories bundle contains three unique plants, fresh from specialist growers, matching pots, a plant mister and a set of fairy lights. So all you need to do to send this bumper gift is pop in his address and a gift message at the checkout. 

Best Valentine’s Plant for an Acquaintance

Pineapple Plant

It might be that the person in your life that needs a pick-me-up isn’t someone you know very well. Chocolates and flowers might be misinterpreted, so we recommend sending an unambiguously ‘matey’ gift, like the universally-loved (but no less kooky) Pineapple Plant

Best Valentine’s Plant for Your Mum 

Cap Schumi & Troika Pot

Why not give your Mum something to cheer her up in this most-miserable of Februaries? It could be a small plant gift like our Cap Schumi & Troika Pot or something uber special from our Aomori Hiba collection, imported from Japan. We’d recommend one of our diffusers with Hiba Oil. 

Best Valentine’s Plant for Your Dad 

Pilea Greysy

Dad’s deserve a treat too! Depending on your Pa’s lockdown situation, he might need a desk buddy or something to cheer up his bedside table. Our Pilea Greysy with Cubo pot combination is a great bet for either. 

Best Valentine’s Plant for Your Best Friend 

Calathea Triostar with Merry Pot

You know your best friend better than us, but we know what we’d most like to receive from ours: This bright and bountiful Calathea Triostar in our Large Merry Pot. Spring and mass-vaccinations are on the horizon but until then, we need to make an effort to inject some colour into our lives. Give your best pal a lift with this pre-made combination. 

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