A Plant For Every Room
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A Plant For Every Room

Houseplants are fabulous! And, now, everyone knows. Houseplants are bang on trend right now, and there’s so many reasons why you should get with it.

Houseplants can help to purify the air, make you feel good, jazz up interior decor, impress your friends, and give you that sense of achievement when they grow. What’s even more exciting is there’s a plant for every room too - from the kitchen worktop to that lonely bookshelf! Let’s take a tour of your virtual home, as if it were filled with houseplants…

The hallway:

The perfect place to start our tour of your houseplant home! The hallway gives you the opportunity to use those plants that need a bit more space, and can be free-standing.

I would recommend the Fiddle Tree, with it’s gorgeous architectural shape this will really enhance your entranceway and also looks great against heritage-coloured walls, such as grey, navy or deep greens. The Fiddle Tree also enjoys such a position of filtered light. it’s almost like a miniature indoor tree!

Some other choices:

Lady Palm (Rhapis)

Sanevieria (Snake Plant)

The lounge:

Here’s where you usually put the most effort into good looks. Make sure your decor plans include some plants, especially as they have air purifying qualities and can reduce our exposure to electromagnetic frequency (EMF) which is generated by our modern devices.

I would suggest exploring the range of Orchids for your lounge area, especially as they’re long-lasting, colourful and EASY! Just one ice cube worth of water per week will keep your orchid well and happy. The flowers are waxy, and last for 3 months or more, so a shade more colourful than your standard foliage plant. Nothing beats a classy orchid on a mantelpiece.

Some other choices:

Calathea (Painted Plant)

Alocasia (Spiderman Plant)

The dining room:

Your dining room is a place for celebration! Spending time with friends and family is good for the soul, as are plants! A centrepiece can cause a talking point too, and we all love to talk about plants, so let’s go!

The Chinese Money Plant is such a cutie, and has a chequered history, so would be great for the dining table! Once traded on the black market, there’s now more widely available! They enjoy the filtered light of the dining room and are in just the right place to make sure you won’t forget to water them either!


Some other choices:

Gerbera (Transval Daisy)

Aphelandra (Zebra Plant)

The kitchen worktop:

Your kitchen is a high traffic area, so you need some easy care plants. Kitchens are usually positioned with a good outlook of the garden too, but that usually means they are south-facing and subject to bright, hot sun. Your plants can wilt quickly in such a position.

So, my suggestion is either a Cactus or Succulent, which stores it’s water so can cope without it for months on end! Despite your kitchen being so busy, I bet you’ll forget to water your plants! Cactus also thrive in the hot sun, and come in a fascinating range of shapes and sizes! The kitchen windowsill is perhaps one of the safest places for them too, keeping the spines out of the way of any children and pets!

Some other choices:

Herbs (easy snipping distance for kitchen use!)

Aloe vera

The bathroom:

The bathroom is usually wet, so you’ll need some plants that don’t mind this environment. However, it isn’t as easy as just selecting any tropical, you’ll need one that can survive cold periods too. Heating only tends to be on when you’re actually using the bathroom. Light is usually less too, thanks to frosted windows.

I would suggest a glorious, green Fern for a bathroom situation! They love a humid environment, so the constant sprays of shower water won’t bother them. What’s more, the green, frond-like perfection of a fern also looks classy against the porcelain white of a bathroom! Lush!

Some other choices:

Draceana (Dragon Tree)

Ivy (Hedera)

The bedroom:

The one place you’re guaranteed to relax, we hope! Help that relaxation by choosing some air purifying plants, and especially ones that produce oxygen. This will all mean much better sleep at night for you!

Thanks to some recent research by NASA, it has been revealed that Mother in Law’s Tongue, or Snake Plant (Sansevieria), can actually remove small levels of toxins from the air, plus give off oxygen. It also happens to be easy to care for, and copes with the lower light levels of that bedroom!

Some other choices:

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Spider plant (Chlorophytum)

We'd love to see your houseplants in action - tag us in your Instagram pictures or tweet us @bloomboxclub!

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