A Natural Health Service? Wildlife Conservation as Mental Health Treat
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A Natural Health Service? Wildlife Conservation as Mental Health Treatment

Mental health programmes with nature at their core are both effective and ‘excellent value for money,’ says independent research carried out by Leeds Beckett and Essex University, in collaboration with the Wildlife Trust.

The report, published this week, evaluated the impact of actively engaging with nature through wildlife conservation on participants’ wellbeing, in the hope of relieving pressure on mental health services and ecological charities. 

A staggering 95% of participants with low levels of mental health felt a significant improvement within 6 weeks of actively engaging with nature. Even those who entered the programme with average and high levels of wellbeing experienced the benefit of the study on their outlook, mood and stress-levels: participants wellbeing participants wellbeing increased by an average of 8 points on the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale. 

For an approach that has no side-effects, works quickly and actively helps the UK’s natural landscape, these findings are hugely encouraging. The study was small with only 19 participants but The Wildlife Trust hopes it will inspire further initiatives. 

What stuck out for us was the emphasis the study placed on building a sustained relationship with nature, which Bloombox Club hopes people will achieve with our plants. Individual connectivity with nature ‘was common to all participants and revealed that deeper, more personal relationships with the natural world could be fostered over a 12-week period.’ 

Since its beginnings, Bloombox Club has advocated the power of building a relationship with nature through active plant care. We’re excited by The Wildlife Trust’s findings, but we believe building a relationship with plants in the home can have just as profound an impact on our emotional wellbeing. Try it for yourself today with one of our expertly curated subscriptions or one of our unique individual plants.

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