5 Steps Towards Kindness
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5 Steps Towards Kindness

“Kindness is simple. It is seeing the good in everyone, and celebrating it.” - RAKtivist

Random Acts of Kindness Day is an opportunity to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and be loud with our kindness!

It is also a healthy reminder to stop and reflect. It’s important to think about how we can be kinder to others - but also how we can be kinder to ourselves. Here are some simple steps you can take to spread some love and help make kindness the norm:

1. It doesn’t have to start with a huge gesture

Being kind can be as simple as complimenting someone you don’t know. If you see a stranger who you think looks great, tell them! It doesn’t have to mean anything else, just a simple ‘You look really nice’ or ‘I love your outfit, you look amazing.’. If you’ve ever been complimented by a stranger in this way, you’ll know how nice it feels. Now it’s your turn!

2. Help someone in need

You may not be able to help everyone you meet, but try making a pact to help the next person who asks for your help. If someone who is homeless asks for your attention, try and help them in one small way. We underestimate the impact a simple chat can have on someone’s day. If you’re able to, sparing some change, buying a hot drink or offering some essentials goes a long way too! It’s important to take our minds away from our own problems and apply our attention to others' needs from time to time.

homeless person being given a coffee and a chat

3. Be kind to yourself

With the above in mind, if we’re not looking after ourselves, we won’t have the energy of resources to care for others. If you’re in need of some extra TLC right now, allow yourself time to do the things that make you smile. We’re constantly surrounded by negative news at the moment, so a nice way to remind yourself of the good in the world is to write down the best moments in your day. These can be as simple as ‘I made a really good cup of tea’ or ‘The sound of the birds chirping when I woke up’. It’s easy to forget to see the beauty in life's small things but once you remind yourself of these, we promise it will make you want to spread the kindness far and wide.

4. Write a letter

This can be for someone you would like to reach out to again, someone who could do with an extra boost or even someone you don’t know at all - you could leave the letter in a public place for a stranger to read! In our digital world it’s easy to forget how much others appreciate the effort and time that goes into a thoughtful, handwritten note. Let’s not let this beautiful form of communication die out, especially if it can help cheer someone up!

5. Tag a friend in our Random Acts of Kindness Giveaway

However much we would have liked to, we felt taking to the streets and handing out plants just did not feel right this year. However, we think it’s really important to celebrate this day and encourage our following to create kindness all year round. That’s why we’re giving away a beautiful plant to three lucky winners over on our Instagram page. Make sure you tag a friend and make someone else’s day amazing!

There are so many easy ways we can spread the kindness bug! Starting small allows us to work these things into our daily life, which in turn will help make the world a kinder and happier place.

Which of our suggestions will you be starting with today?

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