5 Plants to Help You Master Self-Care
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5 Plants to Help You Master Self-Care

Plants are more than just home decor. Many of the tropical plants cultivated to be grown indoors have incredible healing properties. Humans have adapted in line with and amongst nature. And our bodies continue to respond to plants in a multitude of ways! 

This blog is about how learning to look after plants can help us learn to look after ourselves - sound like a reach? Let us explain. 

Plants need no justification to be fed, watered or tidied up. We help plants grow because they're living things; not because they are more or less deserving of care. Applying this conceit to ourselves is an essential step on the journey to mastering self-care. 

What's more, when we see our plants flourishing as a result of our attentiveness (though this is not always within our control) we perceive the power of our acts of nurturing. These acts include watering, misting, pruning, re-potting or propagating, which in themselves can be calming activities which help us to slow down.

These 5 plants have been chosen because they like a bit of attention, allowing you to interact with your plant and build a nurturing relationship. 

Variegated Vanilla Orchid | Vanilla planifolia variegata

The beautiful, rare and sought-after Vanilla Orchid, is also a little demanding by nature - especially if you want to get her to produce vanilla pods. 

Special care: keeping the soil lightly moist, ensuring it gets lots of indirect light, fortnightly fertilisation, pod harvesting

String of Pearls | Senecio rowleyanus

Possibly the most delicate succulent plant there is. They have long spindly tendrils, lined with fleshy bead-like fronds. 

Special care: making sure not to over-water, keeping it in a consistently warm, bright spot, and reducing water to an absolute minimum when light isn't available.

Wandering Dude | Tradescantia Zebrina 'Violet'

Tradescantia are survivors. They can be pushed right to the brink of desolation and then, with some emergency TLC, be brought back to full health within days. They’re a great reminder that life is about fluctuation and things can get better. 

Special care: waiting until it's dry before giving a good soaking - and gently parting the leaves when you do so. Gently take each leaf and wipe any dust away so that it can photosynthesise effectively. 

Elephant Ear 'Lauterbachiana' | Alocasia lauterbachiana

Elephant Ears are one of our favourite plant geneses here at Bloombox Club, owing to the beautiful array of large leaf shapes that each variety possesses. The Lauterbachiana has long ridged leaves that you'll definitely want to maintain properly. 

Special care: dusting each leaf, maintaining good levels of warmth and humidity via misting.  

Calathea Dottie

Calatheas are one of our all-round stars when it comes to plants and wellbeing. This variety is dramatically dark, making it a nice plant to have in the bedroom. 

Special care: build a practice around plant care with regular misting and monitoring of the temperature and moisture levels of Calatheas. 



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