16 Natural Gardening Hacks You'll Find In Your Kitchen
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16 Natural Gardening Hacks You'll Find In Your Kitchen

You may not know it, but your cupboard is full of clever natural gardening hacks.

1. Tea bags

Empty your used teabags onto the soil and you’ll make it more fertile, this is thanks to the nutrients and tannic acid included in tea.

2. Cinnamon

When re-potting plants or taking cuttings, add a dust of cinnamon to deter pests and prevent fungus. Keep your plants healthy at every stage of growth!

3. Egg shells

Dry and crush egg shells and scatter around your plants to create an impenetrable ground covering, which will stop slugs and snails feasting on your plants.

4. Vinegar

Adding a couple of teaspoons of vinegar to the water of cut flowers will freshen them up and add vibrancy!

5. Tea bags - again

Brew a very weak tea with previously used tea bags and water your indoor plants with it. Brewed tea leaves make a fabulous liquid fertilizer as they contain high levels of minerals, carbohydrates, and other nutrients that help plants to grow.


6. Banana peels

If you place banana skins onto the soil surface, they’ll seep a balanced slow-release fertiliser into the soil. Boost your plants with calcium, potassium and phosphorous!


7. Egg shells

Mix egg shells into the soil to give your plants a calcium boost. Calcium builds healthy bones, in plants this means strong roots that can develop better plants!

8. Garlic

Deter moles from the garden with the strong odour of garlic! Place crushed or whole cloves into their tunnels.

9. Vinegar

Deter ants from doorframes and cupboards by spraying vinegar onto known trails.

10. Milk

Spray susceptible plants with a mixture of 1 part milk to 3 parts water to prevent powdery mildew attacking.

11. Beer

Slugs are so attracted to beer that they’ll even risk their lives to get a taste! Fill a saucer with beer and trap the nasties.

12. Vaseline

Smear sections of narrow cardboard with vaseline, and then hang vertically with a cord to capture all the small and evasive bugs that roam the greenhouse.

13. Pepper

Scatter pepper around your prized plants to deter cats from messing in your borders.

14. Egg boxes

Start your seeds off in old egg boxes! When the time comes to plant them out, you can just plant the whole container into the soil, and it will decompose naturally.

15. Brillo pads

If you’re growing acid-loving plants such as Azalea, then you’ll need to feed them with iron. Soak your old brillo pads in water for a few days, and then water your acid lovers with the solution.

16. Yoghurt

If you want a vintage look to your rockery or old wall, you can accelerate mossy, algae growth by smearing with yoghurt. Cover with clingfilm and leave in the sun for a few days.

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